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Love Communique is a romance planning agency offering intimate curated experiences by creating an environment that leads to romantic or self-love encounters. I created "Love Communique" as a road map to unify relationships with honesty, integrity, and passion. My goal is to create a welcoming space for you and your significant other to thrive, grow, and heal in the name of love! I look forward to creating your romantic experience!

Love Carmen


Couple up with a group of your favorite couples to connect  both individually and as a group to build that bridge between love and communication.


Choose an experience catered to your love language for any special occasion to create intimate or relaxing moment in time.


Take the time out to love on yourself when you need it the most. Whether it's a milk/clear water bath with flower petals, soothing candles, your favorite book, or snacks, my goal is to offer you self-love your way without you lifting a finger.


*Pre-cleaning is included with each package*

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Watch and listen to the journeys of marriage, love, loss, healing, and self-care. There's always someone or something we can relate too!


Luckily Arkansas has Love Communique! This company curates relaxing environments designed to promote communication, relaxation, and love. Whether you're single or boo-ed up, Love Communique accomodates you with three pricing guides: Self-Love, Couples, and Group-neither of which are confined to the home. Great idea for Valentines Day!

Dianna Donahue, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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Mrs. Jacobs

Thanks to Love Communique for setting up our table, bedroom area and bringing my home romance vision to's so beautiful!

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